To achieve the best cost-benefit ratio,requirements must be analysed precisely and mapped to the technical options.Alfa labtech provides consultancy services preceding the development of embedded controller systems ,covering

requirement specification

system architecture definition and performance analysis

key component modular platform definition


We provide engineering services to design the hardware and software of your embedded processor systems. We have experience in complex embedded systems development in various application areas like automotive, consumer, wire line and wireless networking, industrial, and others. Alfalabtech growing hardware and software platform can be utilized to reduce development time and costs. Our processor systems are typically based on RISC processors like ARM or MIPS to provide the best balance between cost, performance and system integration. Whether you need a system architecture definition, hardware platform design, device driver and BSP development,application development or a complete platform development, we are here to help you reach a solution.

Experienced expert engineers work at Alfalabtech with dedicated qualifications:

Hardware and FPGA development

Processor, graphics and video system architecture design

Assembler, C, C++, device drivers, communication protocols


Application and graphical frameworks
We develop and maintain a hardware and software technology platform to

Evaluate and select key system components rapidly

Speed up product and system development

Reduce development costs

Derive various products from the same platform
The corresponding hardware development services cover:


Schematic entry

FPGA development

PCB layout testing
Our software platform is based on the Linux operating system. Linux allows the utilization of a comprehensive base of available software and provides interoperability between different processor architecture. The combination of these properties with leading networking and security features makes Linux